I dedicate this poem to my soulmate who knows me like no one else does and sees and loves the real me with all my flaws and perfect imperfections…Love you msl <3 My shadow is my hidden treasure A love affair And forbidden fruit My shadow hides in all my sinful pleasures In all illusions And denials of my truth My shadow holds the magic Of the darkness The mystery and silver lining Of the moon My light is hidden In my hidden shadow My darkness is the home Of all uncured wounds I turned around … And walked up slowly There was a woman standing next to me We merged in essense Our eyes reflecting fire.. I paused and screamed… I was blinded by the light in me… By DNikolova www.facebook.com/NikolovaHealingArts www.thewaytofreedomblog.wordpress.com


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I emerge

I emerge from the unknown
To sing my song to you
I emerge and let my love grow
Until my love becomes
My love for you
I rise above all fears
I let them fully drown
My pain becomes my dear
My dear is transformed
Into a peaceful starry night
I let my tears run
I let them flow
Like wild horses in a forest
Searching for the way back home
I let my memories escape me
I let them fully go
My love is stronger than it used to
My pain is long gone
I’m safe
And not alone
No need to speak
No need to seek
Just listen
Just be still
The joy is in your heartbeat
And your heart is in the beat …
by DNikolova
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I Let Go…

I Let Go...

I let it pass through me.. I let it grow me.. I let it speak..
My pain , my heartache and my letting go..
I let it twist my wrists and tie them in a knot
Unfold my fingers and start the writing of my lifetime manuscript
I let it pass through me.. The past I let it pass..
I let it go with no regrets and without sorrow
I let it burn inside my heart
Until it turns to ashes
I let it go
I let it burn
I write my song and sing it
And wait until tomorrow
For my heart to be reborn …
by DNikolova
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